Jesus, even the mundane shit is hard.

Fucking coffee syrup. I know two day shipping is out the window these days, I am at peace with that.

Order bottle 5/6, get “it’s shipped!” notification same day. But, printing the shipping label <> shipped.

Stays in “label printed” status for multiple days, I order a bottle from a different seller, email first seller on 5/12 and ask if UPS is actually going to be picking up the package.

“Oh, all the 5/6 orders have processed!” 10:30 PM on 5/12, it magically arrives at the carrier facility.

It’s currently in Laurel, MD and theoretically will be here in the next day or so.

The backup bottle? It was off to the races until it got put on the wrong truck in Baltimore and then was lost in Elizabeth, NJ.

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