Early bird gets the Clorox wipes!!!

Popped into the market this morning for beer & paper towels and you can imagine my surprise and delight when I popped down the cleaning aisle and found Clorox wipes!! They only had about 3 dozen, but they had them. You can bet your sweet ass I got my 2 containers.

So, they are getting them in – just in seriously tiny quantities. The spot where they are is usually about 6’x6′ with Clorox, Lysol, house brand, multiple scents and multipacks – now, 3 dozen containers and that’s it. The clerk who clued me into Monday & Friday mornings being the restock day was very right, and I will always appreciate that she told me that.

I’m seriously considering shifting back to shopping in person before work – I’d almost rather go a couple times a week for a quick trip when there is no one there and handle my own substitutions, and there’s no surprises at pickup. (This week – summer shandy is gone, cause summer is over, and for reasons I don’t understand, they did not sub paper towels.) And we’ve gotten back to the point where no one is there at 7AM, which is nice.

Oh, yesterday when I said “it’s officially Joe” – I thought the convention was over. Imagine my confusion when there was yet another night of it last night. Why does this need 4 nights? (I mean, even 3 seems a lot to me, LOL.)

And let’s not overlook – IT’S FUCK IT FRIDAY!!!!!! We made it through another week, despite everything trying to kill us.

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