More good news

Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine – 70% effective, 90% when done as a two dose regimen.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel – just stay home and hang tight until we’re there.

The only big downside I see is the multiple dose requirements – how many folks won’t get the second dose, just…because? Or won’t be able to afford it? (I keep hearing “it will be free” – but you know how it goes in America.)

How precise does the timing of the second dose have to be? Or what happens when you go back for your second dose and someone fucked up and they don’t have them because the entire inventory was given as first doses?

We need Emily Murphy to sign the damn transition paperwork so Biden’s transition team can start *really* working on all this. Good news – she’ll be in Congress this week (today, I think) and Rep. Katie Porter will be questioning her. DRAG HER, CONGRESSWOMAN.

In non-Covid news, I do believe we finally have everything we need for Turkey Day! May have to run into the market for milk or Cokes or something, but all the important stuff has been acquired. Added an Australian sharp cheddar, and an Australian bacon-jalepeno cheddar to the cheese assortment, and for the tiny pies, they had chocolate chip cookie pies, so…yeah, got those! And ALL THE CRACKERS for ALL THE CHEESE.

No idea what the work week is going to bring…in theory it should be a quiet week, but who knows. I have Schrödinger’s meeting at 8:30 this morning – it is either scheduled or not scheduled, but neither state exists until I log onto my work laptop.

So, best go figure out WTF I’m doing work-wise the next three days.

Have a good and safe day.

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2 Responses to More good news

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m also afraid of people not going back for the second dose. It’s going to need a huge national education effort:

    Australian cheddar is really good!

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