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So much for my furry alarm clock

So, my sunshine alarm goes off at 7, my phone alarm at 7:05. The sunshine alarm just lights up the room and plays some bird sounds and doesn’t really wake me up, but sorta gets my brain ready for the … Continue reading

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No room for stretching out

Seriously, she’s managing to take up a full third of the sofa, right in the middle. But I can’t be at all mad, cause she’s cute and sweet and when I took a snooze this afternoon, she came upstairs and … Continue reading

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We have a healthy Lily!

She had her checkup today, and all is well.  She’s gained weight, which she needed to do – she dropped under 10# last year when she was being Miss Picky Eater – 11.5# today – we’ve all put on some … Continue reading

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Quick Lily

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Happy Leftovers Day!

I hope you had a nice, calm, safe day yesterday. Our normal tiny Thanksgiving was great – only minor hitch was realizing about halfway through roasting was that I’d not moved the oven rack down a spot – easily fixed … Continue reading

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I hate being out of sorts, and I am seriously out of sorts today – even more so than my usual off-kilterness these days. I didn’t sleep well and slept way later than I’d planned to start with. My alarm … Continue reading

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She likes it!

The LilyMonster seems to definitely like being able to hang out with us on the porch. Of course, no sooner did I finish this than we’re not going to have a day above 80 degrees for the next 10 days … Continue reading

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I did it!

The LilyMonster can hang out on the porch with her people! And has actually used it! This was the screen insert when it was done – the black bit is gaffer tape on both sides that I just cut an … Continue reading

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Dumb things I miss

Browsing in stores. Specifically today – browsing in hardware stores. I had to get some supplies at the local Ace Hardware and I did the online order/pickup in store, cause of the fucking pandemic. Our local Ace, being a proper … Continue reading

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Happy International Lily Appreciation Day!!

You may not have it on your calendar, but that’s OK, you know now. Apparently this time last year, for reasons he does not remember, my brother informed the cat that the 3rd Sunday in August is International Lily Appreciation … Continue reading

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