So Close. SO CLOSE.


18 of the 19 defects I found have been closed.

The last one will be as done as it can be for now about 2 hours from now. The system was just dying on really big print runs, and it turns out the problem wasn’t with the report itself, but a setting on the back end that I of course do not have access to.

They tweaked it on both systems I’m testing on. First system, awesome, no problems. Second system – waaaay better, but still have a couple really big ass reports (like 2x the size of what I was running on the first system) that don’t want to print. But it’s SO much better than it was already. I’m going to double check again after the build is done tonight just to be sure (I’m not totally clear if they made the change before or after this morning’s build) but if it still is all pissy about printing, it will just be a matter of having that setting tweaked a little more and then maybe a half hour of work on it next week AND IT’S ALL DONE. ALL DONE!!!!

So, so close.

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