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Another Monday

And Lindsey Graham is going to infect the entire damn Judiciary committee with Covid to get 45’s craptastic SCTOUS nominee through. I don’t even know how we fight that, given that the R’s just don’t give a shit, have no … Continue reading

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Oh, let there be light!

On this World Mental Health Day, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of good lighting. If you can’t get good natural light (and it’s not easy) – get decent lamps. Lots of them. I know it’s … Continue reading

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Well, if we’re gonna be on this bullshit for another year

Guess it’s best to think about making some changes to save my sanity. (Here’s hoping it will be less necessary after January 20th.) — HYDRATION! I am not awesome about this, and I know it is important. I am better … Continue reading

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How do I do this for another *year*?

I mean, I will, because I have to, but I just don’t know how I manage it with any shred of grace or sanity. I definitely have pandemic burnout. I am still mostly functioning (though you couldn’t tell it from … Continue reading

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Got my diagnosis

The tooth I thought was the problem, is not in fact the problem. It is *a* problem, as my teeth have FUCKING SHIFTED AND OPENED UP A SPACE BETWEEN THE TOOTH AND THE IMPLANT. The tooth next to the implant … Continue reading

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Oddly excited

To go see my dentist this morning, if for no other reason, once it is confirmed that my tooth is mucked up, then, hey, it’s not Covid! (And of course, some sort of treatment to make it better.) I mean, … Continue reading

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It’s rare that I ever think to myself, “Damn, I am so glad my dentist could fit me in for a diagnostic visit tomorrow,” especially in the middle of a pandemic. But damn, that is how much my fucking tooth … Continue reading

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May 11 is National 3rd-Shift Workers Day!

I’ll admit, I didn’t even know it was a thing until this morning.  (Thank you CBS Sunday Morning for alerting me to this celebratory day!) I love that we have national days for pretty much everything, and especially this one … Continue reading

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Right now we’re talking so much about KIDS vaccinations…

Which is good – and I am 120% on the “please for the love of god, VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN” side of the argument. But, what about us (supposed) grown ups?  OK, let’s just put that at anyone over the age range … Continue reading

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