So, first thoughts on acupuncture

Incredibly relaxing! If nothing else, there is something to be said for intentionally blocking out the world for 45 minutes.

I’d already filled out all the paperwork online, so she had an idea of what I was looking for and we talked a bit more about that and how I was feeling in general, and it was good to hear, “Yeah, this should work for you.” (Granted, I would not expect her to say, “This will not work” but her enthusiasm was very genuine.)

Then I popped up on the heated(!) massage table (basically fully dressed, yoga pants & tank top) face down (had one of those nice face cushions with a fresh cover) and she hit all the spots that would get needles with alcohol wipes to start.

Then the needles! Now, I know they’re very fine needles but I was still a little surprised at how little I felt. I knew where she was putting them in, because she’d basically massage the spot a little, then I’d feel a little “tap” of her putting the needle in, but only once can I say I actually felt the needle itself, and it was a very fleeting, “oh, there is something there” sensation.

She put needles in my ankles, shoulders, inside & behind my ears, back of my neck, top of my head, that spot where your jaws join up, and the tops of my hands. Then I just chilled out for about a half hour. I thought I might get fidgety at some point, but not at all.

She popped in around the halfway point to make sure I was still comfortable and if the room temp was OK. Then she came back in, removed the needles, wiped all the spots again with alcohol, and rubbed the spots on my shoulders a bit and commented that they definitely seemed looser (oh, they were.)

I was a little loopy for a minute or so when I sat up, mostly from just laying there face down for a while. My shoulders felt like a cross between getting a massage and doing a solid weight workout – felt really good, definitely some release going on there, so *something* happened.

And by the time I got home, I could legit feel that my jaw was looser and more relaxed.

If nothing else, I think I should sleep very well tonight, given that I am basically a happy puddle here on the couch this evening.

Definitely going to do a couple more sessions – as relaxed as I feel right now, it was absolutely worth it. Granted, we’ll see how long the effects last, but I am 100% enjoying it now for sure.

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