Another early rise day?

Up a half hour before the alarm – what am I, a morning person?! (No, no I am not.)

Was half thinking I should get in early cause I have to take a long lunch to go see the dentist (this should be the last time for a while) – but I am also needing to burn PTO or lose it, so…yeah, we’ll just take an hour or so if needed and just enjoy having some extra time with my coffee this morning.

Doesn’t hurt that things have turned out to be a bit less jammed up at work than I thought it would be on Monday – big bug moved to next month, little bugs backfilled, then a couple other bugs moved, so it was kind of a net zero and everything that has to be done by tomorrow is DONE, so today and tomorrow will be just getting ahead of things.

I am glad I didn’t stay up to watch the entire Padres game last night – it went 16 innings and we still lost. :( Sleep was better. Our pitching staff is just utterly snakebit and I don’t see us making the postseason unless something miraculous happens. But – there is always next season. And they play here in August, so hopefully by then, I’ll be able to handle crowds an we’ll be out of the pandemic.

Granted, if people don’t start fucking masking up, this pandemic is never going to end – popped into Starbucks this morning – 3 other people coming and going as I got there – no masks. WTF people? For fucks sake, have you not seen the case numbers? I know that breakthroughs are still fairly rare, but they’re increasing cause Delta is causing our overall numbers to go through the damn roof – DON’T BE A TRANSMISSION VECTOR. Think about it – your chance of getting a breakthrough infection goes up as overall cases go up. If you’re in a room with 100 people and 1 positive case vs. 100 people with 50 positive cases – wouldn’t you want to, I don’t know, take a few extra precautions?

Well, time to go do the thing and see the dentist and convince him that I AM FINE and let the manager know that yet again, MetLife does not have the claim…

Have a dentist-free day!

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