Well, success!

Hit the beach yesterday, the ocean is still there, saw a bunch of pelicans, a ghost crab, and THREE DOLPHINS! (No dolphins in the video below, just the ocean.)

I can go home now, LOL.  (And part of my fucking brain is going, “Can we?” cause anxiety chose to not take a vacation, of course.)

But, it’s all good – identified a new anxiety trigger – not eating enough.  What used to just be hangry is now “Oh, dying, obviously” – super fucking annoying but easily fixable with a sandwich and a reminder that we are not being chased by a bear.

I was thinking this morning while picking up coffee that I can’t be the only one whose anxiety has actually increased post-vaccination.  I legit felt safer *before* when we had mask mandates in place and no one was having to just hope that person over there with no mask is actually vaccinated.

I feel so much for folks working down here.  I haven’t seen any asshattery from visitors, but I’m sure it’s about.  Several restaurants are closed 1-2 days a week to give staff a break, which is smart.  But there are others asking for patience cause they’re short staffed while also trying to run a full dining room 7 days a week, and that’s pretty fucking cringeworthy.  Cut your days or your tables, FFS.

Yet again, we’re just throwing people under the bus for the sake of the economy, and if everything is open, everything is good.  Nevermind the massive mental health crisis we’ve got here.  And a swath of low income folks who aren’t vaccinated, but WANT to be.  Fed/State/Local administrations really need to get off their collective asses and tell employers they need to help their workers get vaccinated.

OK, away from the downer stuff.  Not quite as many turtles this year, and they’re not as fearless, but it’s been pretty hot, so they may very well be in cooler parts of the creek.  But two got brave enough for video! (The snacks are nutritionally appropriate for freshwater aquatic turtles.)

Oh, it’s the weird lady with snacks!

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up the aquarium, haven’t done that in a few years and they’re doing timed tickets, YAY.  And time permitting, the Elizabethan Gardens to boot.  I should be able to do both, but I can never remember how long I spend at the aquarium, so I have to hold off on the garden tickets, but they appear to have a decent same day supply.

But in the meantime, it’s time to go find an outdoor lunch venue. It will likely be tacos again, LOL. (What can I say, they’re really good tacos.)

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