*checks calendar*


My back is still all jacked up, but better than yesterday. If I keep moving, it’s pretty good. Problem is – I sit all day long for a living. Long walks and “all on the floor” yoga helped a lot yesterday, and I tried what I thought was a fairly hefty CBD oil dose to see if it may help, but that didn’t do a whole lot, but I also may have been too conservative. (All the dosing charts are weight x rate your issue from 1-5 – I went with 3, probably more of a 4 or 5 in reality. But it certainly didn’t make anything worse.)

So, I’ll be taking a lot of little yoga breaks today to keep things loose, and keeping the heating pad close to keep things warm. I’d plan on some quick jaunts around the block, but it’s going to rain all day. :(

I bailed at 3 yesterday – just couldn’t do the sitting still anymore – told my boss and he was “you need to take care of yourself first” – told him, “can’t test with a sore back” – and he pointed out that you can’t really do anything with a sore back, and he’s not wrong, LOL. He’s a good dude and one of those folks that you know is sincere and cares – I know if he checks on me today and I tell him there are gonna be yoga breaks, he’s gonna be “whatever you need to do!”

It was still so weird to call out – I’ve legit only taken 3 sick days in 5 years, and to say, “oh, my back hurts” felt so odd. (Though he’s around my age, and I am sure he’s gone through the same at times.)

I even managed to keep going on the house last night for a little bit – it was slow and I’m not getting near anything heavy, but I got some things picked up in the living room and did a bit of vacuuming. (Yay for the lightweight cordless vac that can be operated as a hand vac with the regular attachments! Vacuuming while sitting on the floor FTW.)

You have a great day, and be careful when you sneeze.

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