Hump Daaaaaaaayyyyyy!

And Cinco de Mayo to boot! And another year where I forgot to buy Coronas and limes, LOL.

And I actually got a semi decent nights sleep last night. Did wake up once, again with the effing abdominal cramps, but it only was for a few minutes. No fucking idea WTF is making me so…well, let’s be honest (sorry)- gassy. Remnants of bodily anger over what I ate Monday? Am I suddenly lactose intolerant? (That would SUCK.) Or ya know, sometimes bodies are dumb and farty? But at least I fell asleep again quickly and don’t feel like the mess I did yesterday morning.

To those thinking, “This is not the content I came for” – understandable, but it’s annoying and this is where I get the annoying stuff out of my head.

In other news – former cheeto in chief started a fucking blog. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t know why I find this so hilarious, but I do. And Facebook is deciding whether or not to put him back on their platform. BBC was just talking about how they have all these experts they have reviewing the situation and all I can think is – that ass repeatedly violated all your damn rules, you banned him, it’s done. Social media as a whole has been so much more pleasant since he was deplatformed.

Time to go do the thing for the capitalism.

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