Hey, it’s Thursday!

Just in case you weren’t sure – I had to stop and think about it this morning myself.

Acupuncture update: Still a fan! Shoulder, neck & jaw muscles all still feeling good & relaxed. Really expected any results to be far more incremental, so this is great. And, if it’s all in my head, well, if just the act of going and seeing her convinced my subconscious to chill TF out a bit – then it still worked as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve found there is a great benefit to be an Olympics fan Of A Certain Age. I don’t care who wins, I’m happy for everyone, and if I find spoilers on Twitter, by the time that the primetime coverage starts, I’ve forgotten what I saw anyway, LOL. (Especially with track & field with so many events and names I don’t know.)

Also, javelin needs to be renamed to Olympic Lawn Darts. And the track & field uniform designers really need to camera test their designs – skinny stripes do not work.

On the fucking Covid front, between the time I started my acupuncture appointment to when I got out, the county went from “moderate” to “substantial” transmission risk… As of yesterday, we’re averaging 97 known cases a day, and folks aren’t stepping up on masking again, so the Governor *really* needs to do another mandate for the time being. (Found out that the county can’t do it – school systems can, but the county can’t do a mandate for the general public.) So frustrating to have to hunker down yet again. Note to self: Add beer to grocery list, since indoor beer is out of the equation for a while.

The one step forward, two steps back…I know, it happens, but UGH. I can’t help but wonder how our numbers would look had the Governor not dropped the mask mandates in May and waited until our vaccination stats were better. We have finally broken the 60% fully vaccinated mark in the county (of all residents) and more first shots than second right now, so we have a new group of folks deciding to get the shot – probably driven by school starting soon, but I’ll take it.

They’re saying the Pfizer vaccine should have full FDA approval within the month – they gotta clear the decks and cancel every other meeting and whatnot and GET ON IT. I think once it’s out of an EUA status, we’ll see a ton more employer mandates to get vaccinated, which I think will help the vaccination rates. I think there is a not small number of folks who will gladly take the cover of “well, it’s bullshit, but I need my job so I got the shot.” Do I love that we need to take coercive measures? No. Am I OK with it? Yes. I’m not keen on kids in ICU’s because folks won’t do the right thing voluntarily.

We also need employer vaccination mandates cause of places like fucking Florida & Texas. WTF is wrong with DeSantis? “I’ll kill my constituents to own the libs and show that Biden is terrible!” Like, what the shit, dude? The various & sundry R’s around the country who have just refused to protect folks, how do they not understand, they could have been fucking heroes that saved lives? And it would have been so easy? “We are the party of personal responsibility, and personal responsibility means we mask up and get vaxxed so we don’t become a burden on the public health care system that we hate anyway.” Pro-life, indeed.

Ah well, not much I can do about any of it, but mask up and stay home and keep pestering the Governor about a new mask mandate.

You stay safe.

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