Oh Glorious Sleep!

Two nights in a row! No interruptions! Even the LilyMonster let me sleep through the night!

I could still probably sleep another 12 hours, but damn, sleep is AWESOME.

And – IT’S FRIDAY! And one of our half-day weeks, and everything appears to be under control enough that I will get off on time.

On the work front, that “opportunity” I was presented with earlier this spring… Hoo boy, we had our first meeting and it was, “And Cindy will be doing X…” That is absolutely not what had been presented to me by my supervisor. And after the meeting he hit me up with basically, “it will be what we talked about, really” – yeahhhhhh, right.

But, if I’m stuck with this, I’m going to be brutally good at it, even if the program manager from another department who is guiding our group through getting this project started thinks we’re all idiots. (Look, all I’m saying is if you want people to see a bunch of links and go read them – don’t bury them in a meeting invite that disappears to someone’s calendar as soon as they accept the invite. Put it in a separate email that will actually stay in folks inboxes.)

That all being said, time to do the thing and read the links and figure out how to make this all work.

Have yourself an excellent day.

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