Thanks, Capitalism!

And shitty worldwide governance. Can’t think of another reason we’re looking at a week of 90º weather AT THE START OF FUCKING JUNE.

Also just woke up in a bad mood, which is an awesome omen for the week as a whole.

Just over a month to the beach and it can’t get here a moment too soon. Overdue for a change of scenery, no work, and seafood.

I swear, I have got to get the “move my ass closer to the coast” plan in gear. More light year round, milder temps both summer and winter, and way better food options.

OK, if we’re going to be real, I need to get my RETIREMENT plan in better gear. I am not sure I can do another 13-15 years of this. But, yay for living in a society where health care is a for profit enterprise, dental care isn’t considered health care, and it’s basically work or die. Or work til you die – probably at work.

Thank god I only have one meeting today and it’s one where I can just stay on mute and not actually participate, because my lord, I am a super crankypants this morning, and it will be best for all that I can just work in peace and quiet.

Remote work has so many advantages, and not having to deal with people in person is HUGE, especially when you’re in a shitty mood. Seriously, not having to do the nonsense small talk and having to explain why you’re not all chipper, and being able to just put your head down and work and be done with it – a absolute godsend.

I am going to cling to that tiny good thing and muck through the day as best I can.

You find that tiny good thing and hang on to it as best you can, too.

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