Hey, we made it through Monday!

Sure, three of three tools I needed to get any work done were broken…

And the training time I got in, since I had some time on my hands…”it’s important that employees know the big picture, so they know how their work fits in” – sure, that make sense. The real life example they chose? The Manhattan Project. Yup, productivity soared once they all found out they were working on a weapon of mass destruction.

Updated my phone software and then my to-do list app decided it would just crash repeatedly. Thankfully an uninstall/reinstall did the trick and I did not lose my lists. (I did not realize how dependent I had become on it until faced with the idea that it and my lists were gone.) The update appears to be crashing other apps, too, yay!

Went to transplant the sunflowers and realized that the potting soil has been outside and the seedlings have been inside, and that the potting soil is colder and well, long story short, there are 6 four inch pots with potting soil and water in the greenhouse coming up to greenhouse temperature because I convinced myself I shouldn’t transplant the sunflowers into cold soil. (Does it actually matter? I have no idea. Did I decide it mattered a lot to me? Absolutely.)

Ordered Fancy Feast Chicken Appetizers for the LilyMonster, cause we found out they’re a “clean plate club” favorite when I got the variety pack. Except I ordered the full sized entrees. Oops. (The labels are very, very similar…) I suspect Lily’s only complaint will be getting only half the container in one sitting.

But, I got 45 minutes of yoga in between lunch & after work sessions, which was very nice.

My brother made a pan of brownies and I’m trying not to make those into dinner, but no guarantees.

And I got over half my non-work to-do list knocked out.

So, not all bad, but a bit of a rollercoaster of a day. But it’s done, I’ve settled in on the couch with a beer, and me and Lily are gonna watch Maddow and try again tomorrow. I know at least one tool will be functioning by tomorrow, so that’s something.

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