Ohhh, it’s gonna be a bitch about everything week.

Consider yourself warned.

The stuff I’m testing at work was going along at a very good clip and today it just slowed to a crawl. Nothing is broken, thank goodness, but I just hit a hella slow going section of the testing to muck through. I jinxed it by thinking I’d have the whole shebang done today.

Today was so damn draining at work, I took a nap at lunch – and that was the best idea I had all day.

Then I saw this on Twitter – while it is not my exact situation I have at work, it’s realllly close – kinda jelled a lot of what is going on in my head:

And I keep hearing about these vaccine records we’re setting – Bitch, not in my county. We still have 202,000 1B’s who aren’t fully vaccinated yet and we only opened eligibility to the remainder of 1B’s TODAY. Be lucky if I can get vaccinated before the governor decides to drop mask mandates at the rate things are going. (I know, I know, it will get better. But, sheesh.) BUT IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN VACCINATED, I AM GENUINELY AND TRULY HAPPY FOR YOU!

I just want to see a trend line in my county that gets us to full vaccination sometime before December. (Which is certainly better than it was – not long ago it was on track to take until next spring.)

But, tomorrow is another day, and if needed, I can take a nap at lunch again.

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