Note To Self:

Next time you start a new cross stitch project, take a photo of the pattern. Cause for the first time in about a year, I felt clearheaded enough to think, “Yes, I would like to work on that cross-stitch project!”

Got the bag – I put all of the bits & pieces in a big ziploc bag when I am working on something, just keeps everything together. And the pattern is not there. WHY IS THE PATTERN NOT THERE? WHY WOULD I HAVE TAKEN IT OUT OF THE BAG AND NOT PUT IT BACK?!

I do have a picture of the finished picture from the kit. Cropped & straightened it and tried to import it into Mac Stitch, but it just is kind of a mess and can’t interpret the colors, and that’s fine, I can build it from scratch in Mac Stitch with just the picture (thank god it’s a **simple** pattern) but that’s…not at all what I wanted to do this evening?

I did at least get my other seeds started, and the grow lights for the bottom shelf of the greenhouse arrived today, so, perfect timing on that. The seed packet says the dill doesn’t transplant well, but we’re gonna give in a whirl anyway. There were lots of seeds in the packet and it germinates & matures fairly quickly, so not the end of the world if I have to start a new batch later in the season.

I’m not at all ready for the workweek to start again…

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