Ugh, I don’t wanna…

So, I just realized my cell phone is doing the puffy battery thing – last time it happened, I took it to the Sprint Repair Center all to hell and gone from here, and they took one look and said “not fixable!” and took the phone and sent it back to Sprint and Sprint sent me a new one, since I had insurance on it. Which took the better part of a week, because now that I’m thinking about it – it was right around New Year’s – and looking back, it was December 28, 2017, cause I also had to DM Sprint about it.

Well, Sprint is now T-Mobile, and I am not fucking around with going to the next county to tell me they have to send it in anyway, and there is a standalone T-Mobile shop less than 3 miles from here – they can take certainly one look at it and say “not fixable!” and send it in for replacement.

Sure, there is a snowball’s chance in hell they’ll just let me exchange it immediately, but I won’t be holding my breath.

At least I can make an appointment ahead of time, and these are not usually crowded places.

But, sheesh, I really don’t wanna.

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