There might not be enough yoga in the world

To get me less stabby than I am right this moment.

IM from supervisor, “Hey, can you test bug X, it’s getting pulled into the 6PM build and the deadline is today for this version.”

Um, WTF? That bug shouldn’t have been approved for this version, not so close to the deadline – that’s like, a rule. I ask how this happened.

The dev checked the code into the wrong fucking version. WELL FUCKING UNCHECK IT IN SOMEHOW. (Which apparently, cannot be done, except for the fact that they could, because I know that *I* can view old code/new code comparisons and they could just copy the old code and the check that in, but WHATEVER.)

Thing is, this dev… He’s one of those “too smart so he checks nothing” people. Which is why I swear, I am constantly sending shit back to him, and things like checking code into the wrong version happen.

So, I will be working late tonight and praying that it actually works on the first go-round. (I don’t mind having to work late on the whole, cause shit happens, hell – I’ve got a 9PM meeting tonight with the rest of the folks on the other side of the world, but this is a stupid reason.)

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