Very out of sorts today

No idea what in particular has gotten me off my game, but just feeling at loose ends.

It’s probably just that I’m so fucking tired of everything.

It was too cold to get out walking today, which probably didn’t help.

Another friend has tested positive for Covid19.

The government has already fucked up vaccine distribution.

Congress is probably going to pass a craptastic bill that will get folks a whole $600.  I do not understand why they cannot grasp that the best thing to do here is give people a decent amount of money, no strings attached.  With what they’ve spent so far (which really hasn’t helped actual people) they could have sent everyone over the age of 18 a check for $14,000.  (Your math may differ, but we’ve wasted a fuckton of money by not just giving it straight to people.)

THAT would have actually fucking helped.

I swear, if we do not flip the Senate and actually do something to actually HELP people…

Watching a Frontline documentary on how badly we fucked up the Covid19 response might not have been the best choice for afternoon viewing, LOL.

Trying to look on the brighter side of things.  Quiet, half days of work this week.  Our local hardware store apparently usually has a holiday party, but can’t this year – so they have goodie bags for customers to pick up.  Getting mine tomorrow, and it’s right next to a Walgreens where I need to go anyway.  Also, hardware stores have all sorts of goofy shit that makes for fun stocking stuffers.  And fuck if we haven’t all earned a goodie bag this year.

And we’re getting a Honey Baked Ham for Christmas.  We usually just do Christmas brunch, but this year I’ll get super fancy and make some cheesy potatoes to go with it for dinner.  We haven’t had Honey Baked Ham in *years* and I decided today, dammit, I want one, and it has been ordered.  (OK, a quarter ham, but HAM!)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.

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