Made the appointment w/the nice and close T-Mobile store and they called and said they can’t help me and I will have to go to one of the “Sprint Repair Centers” where I know from experience, they can’t fix this and won’t do an instant exchange, so have to go a half hour away to still not have a phone for a week. (And if it’s like last time, they won’t ship the new phone to me, I’ll have to go back and pick the damn thing up.)

I have made a new appointment, and at least there is a “repair center” that is slightly closer than the last one I went to, so that is something, and I’m going to be positive and consider that maybe, just maybe, they can do an instant exchange, or at least ship a new phone to me so I don’t have to make yet another trip out there.

At least the local store called right away so I will not be scrambling to get to the other store before they close. And I know my work 2FA is still linked to my landline phone, so I’ll be able to log on to work tomorrow. (And I just double checked and the handset on that is charged up.)

But sheesh. And if they’re trying to make it such a pain in the ass that I consider just saying fuck it and shelling out for a new phone I can have within 48 hours – well done, cause it’s definitely crossing my mind.

The other downside – no idea what phone I’ll be getting. The last time, it was my HTC that shit the bed, and I did get another HTC, but it was a different model, which I really didn’t like and ended up trading in as soon as I hit my upgrade window. I have a Samsung S9+ and I’ve really liked it – and of course it’s not sold anymore, nor are S10+ or S20+, even refurbished, so who knows what I’ll end up with.

At least this time it’s right *after* a holiday, not right before. And I’ll remember to ask if I can get a loaner phone – that would make it worth having to go back out there again.


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