Good start so far

Great to wake up to a text from my brother saying, “Coffee is on the way!” The 8 minute round trip to Starbucks is hardly an ordeal, but it’s nice to have it just arrive. (And he hit the grocery store, too!)

Watching the news of out Afghanistan is just gut wrenching. At least we’re getting people out, but it’s not happening fast enough, and I still don’t understand why the powers that be thought they had more time. And Biden getting pissy in an interview about the fact that we may have to leave some troops there a while longer, well, that’s such a damn white dude reaction. No non-white man or any woman would EVER be able to do that.

Just admit, we fucked up, believed bad intel, and we’re trying to fix it and it’s gonna take longer than we thought. Just own it. (I am more than a little, “Elizabeth Warren would NEVER…” right now.)

And to every Republican out there going, “Would you want this plane landing in your neighborhood?” YES, YES I WOULD. JFC. As my brother slightly crudely pointed out, “We’ve killed 600,000 people in the last year and a half, we have room.” He’s not wrong.

On the work front, being able to back off the stupid project I shouldn’t have been put on in the first place and just being able to watch someone who knows what they’re doing and take notes – well, that has reduced my stress levels quite a bit.

And this week, we’ve had two separate webinars that I am sure management is just *loving*. One on productivity where the presenter said hustle culture is shit and no one should be working more than 40 hours a week and should absolutely be taking 10 minute breaks every hour, and one on stress which also reiterated the importance of regular breaks throughout the day. And here I am, clawing back my uncompensated overtime 10 minutes at a go not realizing it was better for my productivity.

Stay safe, do good, and stick it to the man for your mental health.

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