Bye, Ida

You’ll not be forgotten anytime soon. Though to look outside, you’d be hard pressed to know anything happened – sunny, cool and dry. We got SO lucky – the bulk of it skipped just north of us – we got about an hour of rain Tuesday night, but it came in these little waves – 5 minutes of rain, 10 minutes of quiet – not good for sleeping, but the basement stayed dry. And last evening, again, only a few little waves again. And we’ve got a few days of not having to stay glued to the weather radar.

Watching the flooding up in NJ/NY, yikes. And suddenly I don’t feel like a failed homeowner for the basement getting wet a few weeks back when we got 3″ of rain in an hour.

Still super pissed about everything in Texas and Senate Democrats just wringing their hands. I tossed a donation to my delegate, Kathy Tran, and my neighbor delegate, Danica Roem. Though I don’t think either seat is in danger, I want to help keep Virginia blue – we’ve done SO many good things since we flipped the legislature, and I’d prefer not to go back 50 years. I’ve got to do some research this weekend and see if there are any other contested seats in the state that actually look like they have a chance at flipping.

I have a hard time expressing how infurating it is to have to pay money for good governance. And knowing it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the size of the wallets that evil fucks seem to have access to.

Well, time to go grind those gears for capitalism and pretend the world isn’t shit.

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