It’s Primary Day in Virginia

And I must admit, I am not enthused. We have a dizzying array of exceptionally qualified candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor/Attorney General, and it’s going to end up being three white guys, because…well, we all know why.

Doesn’t help that 90% of the time, I vote for a losing candidate in the primaries, so going into the general, I am just, “well, I guess this is what I’m stuck with.” Why don’t any of these men have anyone in their lives that will tell them they need to sit their ass down?

Shit, this is how we have a damn administration & Congress that have barely been able to pass temporary legislation in the midst of a public health emergency – too many fucking rich white men who aren’t affected either way by legislation they pass or don’t pass.

I’m a bit frustrated with the system today. I mean, really, why are we still doing governance by white men, for white men? (I know why, but still.)

But, I will still go vote. Maybe it will work this time.

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