Happy Hump Day

And my 0730 meeting is off today, thankyousweetbabyjesus. Nice to have a little more time to get all my brain cells facing the same direction for the 8AM meeting.

And thank you California for not fucking up your recall – now, get your recall procedures tightened up, otherwise you’re going to be looking at this bullshit every time you turn around. (Every blue state should be taking a look at their recall procedures – make it at least a little bit of a pain in the ass to do this.)

In other political bullshit, I realized why we don’t have a statewide mask mandate here in Virginia, despite high statewide community covid transmission. Someone has told the Governor that it will hurt the D’s chances in November. That’s the only explanation I can come up with, and it’s too damn plausible to ignore. Especially when the messaging has shifted SO HARD to “look how good our economy is!” from “hey, let’s not kill each other!”

Our county’s case dip was temporary – we’re back where we were right before the vaccines were available to everyone in April. Great fucking progress there. On a state level, JFC, we’re back where we were at the end of January and it looks like we’re gonna try really fucking hard to get back to our January peak. (This is why I am not traveling next week…)

We’re at 2 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes to a week of stitching and sewing! As much as I wanted to take a little road trip, I am starting to look forward to this.

Speaking of stitching – we have 3 apples!

Work in Progress of Christmas Wreath cross stitch - center ring of greens done, with 3 apples

Time to go make the money so I can fucking retire and do cross stitch all day.

You have a fantastic day.

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