Happy Friday

You made it – good job. And we have a half day today, thank gawd. It’s been a pretty quick week, but the 3 days of 6AM wakeups and cleaning ALL THE THINGS for the upcoming plumber visit have wiped me out.

But, the kitchen looks fucking awesome.

We’re in the midst of early voting for the Virginia elections and I am going to probably have to mute some folks on Twitter who are screaming about Virginia democratic voter engagement. Bish, I’m gonna vote, I will continue to encourage others to vote, I’m enthusiastic about everyone except McAuliffe (but I’ll vote for him, too) – but the fucking party needs to step up and spend some damn money instead of counting on people on the ground to organize their way out of fascism for free. (Also looking at you, Congress, you’re not helping.)

Early voting is down from last year – but I’m guessing that is because more folks feel comfortable with the idea of voting in person this year, not because they don’t care. Also – we’re still in a pandemic, people are doing their best to just get through the damn day, they’re gonna vote, just get off my ass please.

Basically, I’m super pissed that those in a position to do something are just “Well, they organized us out of 45, they’ll do it again” instead of making things better and making a better case than “we’re not fascists.” They’re asking a little too much of people instead of using their positions to do their fucking jobs.

If you do have an election where you are this year – please make your plan to vote.

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