Guess what day it is?

Hump DAAAAAAAAAAY! And Crack O’ Dawn meeting Wednesday! *yawn* But, start at 7:30 – out at 4:30. Followed by a nap.

And Cuomo is out – did not see that coming. Figured he’d scream and cry until he was physically dragged from office. And as gratifying as it was to have someone tell TFG to fuck off – we don’t need any more sexpests in office.

Stupid Delta variant… County is in “substantial” transmission with 68 cases/100,000 people/week. Last time we were on a downward trajectory at this level, it took a week to get to “moderate” and a month to get to “low” – we gotta turn this around, and we did it once, we can do it again.

On a state level – we’re currently in high with 123/100,000/week. (The threshold is low <10, moderate 10-50, substantial 50-100, high 100+.)


Fall trip to Williamsburg is out – that whole area is in a “high” status and I don’t see how that is down to a moderate/low point in a month and a half and since a big chunk of that trip is eating indoors…welp. Thing is – I have to take the PTO or I lose it, so I guess I’ll be checking out some local parks and outdoor eating spots or something that week. I don’t want this to just be a “sit at home and avoid housework” staycation.

I know we have bigger problems in the country, but I am bummed about it – it’s always an enjoyable trip, I like seeing how the programming has changed, there is something incredibly relaxing about being in a place with no cars, and I eat enough for three people.

So, maybe we’ll do that next spring or fall. Well, I’d better be able to do it next spring or fall, or I am going to be even more pissed off than I am now.

OK, time to go earn the PTO I have nowhere to use, LOL.

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