Suck it, Georgia legislature

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying watching the Republicans lose their shit over MLB moving the All Star Game out of Georgia. These asshats have screamed about letting the market decide my entire life and now that it has, well, y’all fucked around and now you’ve found out. I love how Kemp suddenly claims to care about how this will affect people on the ground – I assure you, he does not give a fuck about them. The only thing R’s care about is money, so that’s how you get to them. And then we overcome every damn suppression tactic and vote them the fuck out of office. (Sure, they could put forward actual good policy to get votes, but they can’t be bothered with that kind of pedestrian thinking.)

The other bit of this shitshow that is just kind of amazing to me is the fact that Georgia’s legislature really thought no one would notice or care. They seem to actually be surprised by the pushback.

And my lord, mediocre white men sure do get pissy when you challenge them.

But, they’ve fucked shit up in the country and continually hurt people for what, 400 years now – long past time to step aside and let some other people actually get things done that are good for people living here.

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