So, anyone else seeing supply chain issues?

I hadn’t really noticed anything other than Lily’s food being an issue until now, but I did a big grocery shop yesterday and yeah, it’s here.

Mind you, it is NOTHING like it was last year, but it is a wee bit unsettling. There aren’t any empty shelves, just spots here and there that don’t have the usual things.

Ground beef – only 85% lean on the shelves. The frozen chicken patties & nuggets I like – not there. Other options available, but the ones I usually get just weren’t there. Lily’s dry food and litter both had to be sourced from Amazon vs. the local store this week. Oh, and the vitamin aisle has taken some big hits. (Unless you like gummy vitamins, they had tons of those.)

It’s not end of the world stuff by any means – I can cook just fine with non-90% lean beef, there are other frozen chicken options out there (we’re trying out Honey BBQ chicken tenders!) and I was able to get Lily’s food and litter.

I’m not freaking out, but I’ll admit, it’s making me a touch twitchy because I can’t help but wonder what won’t be there next time. I know I am spoiled to live in a country with so much variety and availability when it comes to food.

There was a fascinating thread on Twitter yesterday about the California ports – it seems that one of the big bottlenecks is that trucks don’t have places to drop off empty containers, so they can’t pick up new ones. (They’ve just temporarily eased restrictions on how many empty containers can be stacked, which should help.)

Have a great Saturday, and may everything on your grocery list be on the shelf.

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2 Responses to So, anyone else seeing supply chain issues?

  1. Ashley says:

    I have mostly only been doing on-line pickup and deliveries for the past year, but I’m currently mad at my delivery grocery store and have resorted to going into my old regular one a few times recently. And yup, hitting pretty hard here, in part because of all the wingnuts warning all their friends to GO BUY EVERYTHING!!1! (I had a long talk with my mother about why, no, I will *not* be buying three months of wet food for the cat.)

    It’s interesting to see which aisles are hit the most. The paper goods aisles here have been close to bare for months, so I admittedly did buy two packages of paper towels instead of one when I finally found some on Thursday. (And four boxes of tissue. Oops.) The dairy and bread sections were fully stocked, but walking down the juice aisle meant seeing nothing but empty shelves. No lightbulbs, no diabetes test strips for my parents, but plenty of frozen foods and cereal.

    One thing I miss a lot is the deli counter. It’s been completely sealed off since the start of the outbreak — like, they put up painted-over plywood — and it feels really weird to walk by what used to be such a busy section. Also, it turns out that pre-packaged, pre-sliced meats and cheese are kinda gross? Or maybe I just haven’t found the right brands yet.

    Also, something that’s kinda flying under the radar right now…my father’s pharmacy can only process refills now if you’re within 7 days of running out, while it used to be 10. They’ve said it’s because getting meds is harder for them. That’s kinda terrifying, and definitely validates my decision to always reorder a little early for him so I can squirrel away some extras of his will-literally-die-without meds. At one point I had like a month of each stocked up for him, but I’ve had to dip into it a lot due to the delays and now have no backups for some. Scary to think of that becoming widespread.

    (Sorry for the novella!)

    • A Dreamer says:

      We don’t seem to have any panic buying here at least, it’s just sort of random stuff that the store isn’t getting in stock. The only worry I have is for Lily’s stuff. I can make do, the little yelly princess cannot.

      Our deli counter has stayed open the whole time, thankfully – that sucks that yours closed. I lean heavily on them when I have a “it’s gonna be sandwiches” week.

      The pharmacy, tho… That’s concerning, especially for your Dad.

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