Goooooood morning!

And we’re starting the day with the BBC covering our heinous treatment of Haitian refugees. I don’t understand why we can’t fucking help people, whether they’re from here or not. We have got to stop acting like people come here just for some “easy street” life. Maddening that Biden’s administration is just as cruel as the last one.

Glad to see the Pandora Papers are getting a 3rd day of coverage – that feels like a record in this “we’ll cover something for 15 minutes and never speak of it again” times. Now, do I think anything will come of it? No, but it’s still good that it’s getting coverage.

Oh, and the Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage yesterday… I saw SO many conspiracy theories about the outage. But honestly – someone pushing a bad configuration file to production? That absolutely can happen, especially if you’re in a “move fast and break shit*” environment. I do think this will be a case study in what not to do and incident response and fuckup recovery.

And yes, Fb/IG/WA definitely need to be split up – not just by company, but probably regionally to boot. There was no fallout here other than the fact that I had to text my brother on the other side of the house like an elderly person vs. using Messenger.

You have an awesome day and test your shit before you push it to production.

* Dumbest tech mantra ever.

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