Stop the world, please, I’d like to get off…

So, we’ve got a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, a hurricane bearing down on New England, a dude threatened to blow up the Library of Congress, and multiple health care systems are failing in the US in the midst of our FOURTH Covid surge because idiots will not get vaccinated.

Did I miss anything? If I did, I’m not sure I want to know – this is already waaaaay too much. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this – I can at least tell you that you are NOT alone, if that helps at all.

I have donated to the local Lutheran Social Services chapter to help with their work with Afghan refugees that are resettling in our area. It doesn’t feel like enough, but I also have to remind myself that every little bit adds up and helps.

But I am wrung out. Last night would have been an ideal night to go up to the bar, have some beers, watch some west coast baseball, and commiserate a bit with others – even if you can’t fix anything, there is a lot to be said to just be able to sit and go, “OMG, can you believe how fucked up everything is?” BUT I COULDN’T DO THAT CAUSE OF THE FUCKING PANDEMIC.

So, we had porch beers and then watched Thor: Ragnarok, which was hilarious. Taika Waititi should direct more movies. (My brother is on a mission to get me caught up on all the Marvel movies.)

I’m trying to resist the urge to engage in retail therapy today – the Hallmark store and the Target silly dollar aisle have a strong pull, but I will overcome it! (I did fold a bit and make a very exciting Amazon purchase of underwear, but I don’t think that really counts given the overwhelming practicality of of a dozen Fruit of the Looms.)

I have at least decided to cook something tonight, even though I have a free large pizza reward waiting for me at Pizza Hut. The challenge is – what to cook. I think I have settled on a batch of hashbrown casserole. Yes, it’s just potatoes for dinner, but it’s reasonably easy, doesn’t involve standing over the stove, and tastes really good. I should probably grab some chicken tenders of some sort at the store as well – a protein would probably be a good idea, and that can just be put on a sheet pan and tossed in the oven and would be ready before the casserole even cools.

But, it could be worse – on top of everything, I could be the person who just posted on Nextdoor that they’ve been stuck in the Dunkin drive through for 45 minutes, LOL. (There is a reason I never mess with that drive through when I need a donut fix.)

And as I’ve sat here and vented my spleen and half-listened to The Roosevelts, I’ve noodled through my plan for the day – and I think it’s doable. (It also helps that for reasons I cannot fathom, I am not utterly knackered despite everything going on and drinking a fair amount of beer last night.) Gonna hit the market, do some yoga, and then finally clear the space next to the plant shelf and put in the skinny shelves I bought, oh…three months ago.

Oh, and wash the blanket off my bed since a certain kitty yakked on it.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, looking intently out the window
Sorry I ate my treats too fast in the middle of the night

You have a great day, and may the kitties in your life choose to barf on the tile.

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