Morning got here extra early

Tow company came to pick up my dear old Jeep – they called yesterday and said I was first on the pickup list, scheduled for 6AM. Ouch. He rolled up at 5-ohmygod-30. But, I’d set my alarm, I was already half-awake, so I stumbled my sleepy ass out there and told him to knock himself out, no need to wait. He thanked me for letting him do the pickup so early – I’m happy to have it crossed off the list, and hopefully it will get some good money at auction for the charity. If nothing else, there is a good amount of scrap steel in there.

She was an excellent car (and so much more than just scrap steel) – 18 solid years, the first car I ever bought totally on my own, lots of adventures – I will miss her.

I dread seeing what daylight brings to the gulf coast this morning – by all accounts, Ida was devastating – BBC is saying a million people are without power – that’s not going to be restored quickly, either. (And why do the flood pumps not have generators?) Watching folks call out for help on Twitter last night was utterly gut wrenching. God bless the Cajun Navy, and fuck this country for needing it. Having to crowdsource disaster relief is such an utterly fucked American thing. And fuck everyone in Republican leadership who has said climate change isn’t real.

On a less depressing note, I finally invested in a stitching stand, and holy shit, this makes everything so much easier with cross stitching. Being able to use both hands makes things quicker, there seems to be less fatigue, and I feel like a fancy lady of yore using it, LOL. The cross stitch ornament kits I ordered at the start of the pandemic may actually get done for this Christmas.

My non-work to do list is again very short today, so I’m hoping I can get it all knocked out like I did yesterday and I can just enjoy the evening and stitch and not be on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* Twitter, but the doomscrolling isn’t good for me. (Or anyone for that matter…)

Well, I’m gonna go start work early if for no other reason, I’ll get out early. You have a great day and I hope you didn’t have to get up at 5:30 after getting to sleep after midnight.

I think I’ll refill my coffee first…

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