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Because life really does go on and boy howdy is it a Monday already. We’ve got a plague, a societal breaking point due to police brutality, a fucking toilet that refuses to fill with water and a cat deciding to … Continue reading

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Well, I tried.

But 3 miles and near an hour later, I’m still as annoyed as when I kicked myself out of the house. Parents, your kids aren’t free gardening labor. It’s *your* fucking yardwork. And what the fuck is this shit? And … Continue reading

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Did you hear that?

That *ka-pwiiing*? That was the last piece of bailing wire holding my shit together today snapping and flying across the room. Went to CVS at lunch and there was an empty endcap at the end of an aisle, basically a … Continue reading

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I miss…

Grocery shopping not being this whole *ordeal* – I liked just you know, going and getting my stuff. (I am fully aware this is a repeat of last weeks rant.) Now it’s hold off as long as possible, but get … Continue reading

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Fintie Bluetooth Keyboards

Are slim, lightweight, work great with my iPad and those little fuckers regularly disappear on me. I’m now on the third one. I know the other two are SOMEWHERE in the house, but exactly where? No fucking clue. Adding insult … Continue reading

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Help labor & stick it to the man a little

The world is a flaming hellhole right now and I know many folks feel like there isn’t really shit you can do about anything for anyone. But, there is one small, relatively easy thing you can do that will help … Continue reading

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I need to get the fuck out of this town.

So, I’m on Nextdoor, for reasons I cannot even begin to explain, but OK. Earlier this week, a woman a few neighborhoods over posts. She’s been in the hospital for a month, and some things have had to slide – … Continue reading

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Sure, tanks are kinda cool, but…

Not really appropriate for a 4th of July event here in the US. Yes, other places do that, but they’re other places. And moving 2.5 million from the Park Service for this bullshit. Not like they’re constantly overflowing with funds. … Continue reading

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No phone? ┬áNo problem. HA!!

Good lord not having my phone is absolutely maddening.  All my two factor authentication is out the window, I don’t know how to get anywhere right outside my immediate neighborhood, I’m terrified that my car will decide to break down … Continue reading

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