Forgive me if I’m not super excited

Don’t get me wrong, Kamala Harris’ nomination *is* historic and it *is* exciting.

But I remember what happened last time. Americans loooooove their racism and sexism, even to their own detriment.

Congress has shown it can’t do shit and now I’m supposed to save the damn free world? Hell, I’m just trying to get through the fucking day.

I vote consistently, I have gotten *non-voters* to vote, I *do* financially support candidates, I bombard my friends with voting information. And yet, every time I turn around I’m getting a panicked email from some candidate I’ve never heard of needing money – fuckers, go find some deep pockets, be transparent about it, and recuse yourself from votes involving them and leave me the fuck alone. (Also, whoever sold my info can go fuck themselves – I’m looking at you, DNC.)

Grassroots funding is great in theory, but you’re counting on the very people who can’t afford to financially participate in campaigns. And don’t get me started on the whole “adopt a Senate race” – the race in whatever cousin fuck state that needs to flip should be a DNC problem. (My god we need campaign finance reform on top of everything else.)

I realize I sound very defeatist. I’ve not given up on getting 45 out of office and getting non-monsters running the Senate. I’m just really fucking tired and frustrated – I’m one person, and nothing I’ve done so far has made a damn bit of difference so far.

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