OK, so it’s going to be a stupid day, got it.

Hit Total Wine, got what I needed, and then every damn grocery store on the way home and could not find the Rice Select Risotto rice. Rice Select is my preferred brand for any non-Minute Rice, good quality, resealable canisters, normally easy to find on the shelves.

Get home, jump on Amazon and discovered THEY CHANGED THE DAMN LABEL.


My hand to god, the label used to have “RISOTTO” in the big letters and “Arborio rice” in the teeny tiny letters below. So I was looking right at it in multiple stores, but did not see the “for risotto dishes” bit at the bottom.


Back to closest grocery store, because I was quite sure I had seen it this morning. Totally sure. REALLY, REALLY SURE.

No. They had Orzo, they had their Royal Blend Wild Rice, they had a sticker on the shelf for Arborio…but no canisters for it.

The fact that I did not scream OH FOR FUCKS SAKE right in the middle of the market was nothing short of a miracle.

Back to next closest grocery store. They did in fact have it.

But yeah, Stupid Sunday.

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