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Hoo boy…

Nothing like a small bit of space away from “fucked up normal” to make you realize how close you were to losing your fucking mind. I mean, I really thought I was doing OK with the whole pandemic and it’s … Continue reading

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86 pages today

First time I’ve been able to get my brain to settle down enough to read since mid-March.

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Welp, it seems we have a pod now

We made it to the happy place and we have a pod of three – me, little bro, and might as well be little bro. The trip down was crazy fast and I got my pato tacos for lunch before … Continue reading

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OK, it’s really vacation time :-D

Got my bigassed cold brew (no cracked cup today), already popped on & off work and put in my timesheet, and I’M OFF WORK! Something I am noticing this year is that even with the pandemic – I am way … Continue reading

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What a clusterfuck of a day

But it’s over and I’m on vacation. (OK, I do need to log in for about 10 minutes tomorrow to check on one thing, but I’m not counting that.) But today…hoo boy. Go to Starbucks to pick up my bigassed … Continue reading

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Tick Tock!!!

8 hours til vacation!!! And I don’t have to try and cram 12 hours worth of work into it! For real, the last thing I’m testing today, I should be done around mid-day and then it’s just admin stuff and … Continue reading

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*bleary eyed blink*

Thunderstorms came through last night.  Good, cause we needed some rain.  But they came through between about midnight & 3 AM.  Sadly, I did not sleep through them.  (Nor did it occur to me to shut the windows at any … Continue reading

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3 day workweek!!  Just finally occurred to me to look at the 10 day forecast for OBX.  Lots of thunderstorms.  DON’T CARE.  That’s why there are screened in and covered porches. Had a ridiculously productive weekend around the house, even … Continue reading

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Friday? Saturday? Tuesday? Who knows anymore, but I do know I have today off, so it’s all good. Honestly, I’ve had to double check my phone for the day for the past week, so it’s consistent. And again, picking up … Continue reading

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Who is 11 years old?

THIS SLEEPY KITTY!! This shot is from the other day, she’s currently wedged between my feet in front of the space heater. (What? My feet are cold.) I couldn’t have asked for a better pandemic buddy. She’ll be getting tons … Continue reading

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