Friday? Saturday? Tuesday? Who knows anymore, but I do know I have today off, so it’s all good. Honestly, I’ve had to double check my phone for the day for the past week, so it’s consistent. And again, picking up Starbucks before 9AM on a day off – I’ve just given up and decided it’s a side effect of the pandemic.

I am going to have to log on to work for an hour or two this weekend – the last thing I’m testing before I leave, I have to test it in two databases, and I’m so very close to being done with the first one. If I can have that done before I log on Monday morning, it will make the short week that much mentally easier. (I probably should have just worked a full day yesterday and put the half day credit against my PTO this coming week, but by the time 1PM rolled around, I was already mentally checked out.)

My Vera Bradley masks arrived! (I did not think I could be more of a basic middle aged white lady, but here we are.) I wanted to give masks with ear elastics another go, and these actually worked out perfectly because the elastics are a little too long – but I have vinyl covered oversized paper clips and using those to hook the elastics, the fit is *perfect* and there is the bonus of the elastics not digging into my ears. (And yes, because the paper clips are multicolored, I have coordinated them with the masks.)

I have put a supply of the paper clips in my wallet, so I won’t have to hunt around for them when I need them. (Dear 20 years ago me who bought that jar of 200 paper clips in assorted sizes and colors – WELL DONE!)

I am happily making my packing list and a bonus of “all food will be takeout” this year – I don’t have to pack any restaurant clothes! It’s a very small thing, but these days, *anything* easier is good.

And now, I am going to attempt to make good use of my long weekend to get some things done around the house so I don’t want to burn it down when we get back. (Why, oh why, could I not be a stress cleaner?)

Have a lovely weekend!!

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