OK, it’s really vacation time :-D

Got my bigassed cold brew (no cracked cup today), already popped on & off work and put in my timesheet, and I’M OFF WORK!

Something I am noticing this year is that even with the pandemic – I am way more chill going into vacation this year than in years past. Seems there may be a difference between “ready for a break” and “so wrung out from work you can’t see straight.” Who knew?!

Moth update! Lily lost interest in the moth yesterday morning and then it reappeared last night – and she was on it. It decided to “hide” on the water pitcher for my plants, I remembered that I can open the top sash of the window where there is no screen. Anyone watching from the outside, well – I can only imagine what a disembodied arm sticking outside the window waving a water pitcher going “Go! Go now! Fly away!” must have looked like. But, the moth has been returned to its proper environment. (And was probably promptly eaten by a bird, but I am choosing to not think about that.)

Welp, time to get some bits and bobs done so I can jump out of bed and hit the road tomorrow.

Have an excellent day!

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