What a clusterfuck of a day

But it’s over and I’m on vacation. (OK, I do need to log in for about 10 minutes tomorrow to check on one thing, but I’m not counting that.)

But today…hoo boy.

Go to Starbucks to pick up my bigassed cold brew and a latte for my brother, cause I’m the best sister ever. They accidentally made an iced latte, no biggie, while they made the hot one, I put my drink & breakfast in the car. Go back and fetch latte. Get in car, notice that cold brew is not full…pick up cup and coffee starts gushing out a crack in the side.


Compose myself, grab several napkins, stumble back into Starbucks and get a new one.

Get home, start work. Power supply to laptop has crapped out. Hour with IT (they think it’s a driver problem at first?) then acknowledge it is dead and they will ship me a new one. I have 2 hours of battery life. Off to Staples! Get the *last* universal laptop power supply they had. Once the one comes from work, well – it’s good to have a spare. (I may have also popped into Petco for a quick treat pickup for her majesty on the company dime since it is right next to Staples.)

Try work again. 3 bugs that I found with this last round of testing are ready to retest! All small, all easily finished before days end. Bug 1 – PASSED! Bug 2 – PASSED! Bug 3 – Half passed? Well, fuck.

But, it’s all good, once the last one is re-fixed, it’s a ~15 minute test tops – either it does the thing or it doesn’t and it’s a mobile issue, so I just open my phone and get screenshots. So, I can do the nice pretty test plan when I get back, but in the meantime I can least say, “Yeah, it’s working.”


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