*bleary eyed blink*

Thunderstorms came through last night.  Good, cause we needed some rain.  But they came through between about midnight & 3 AM.  Sadly, I did not sleep through them.  (Nor did it occur to me to shut the windows at any point.)

And another thing stuck in my head all night and still there this morning was this comment by Andy Slavitt on Twitter with regards to a Covid19 vaccine.

Setting aside the fact that we accept such shit results with the flu vaccine – my god, it *has* to get better, because a 40% success rate on a vaccine for a virus that when it does not kill you, pretty much fucks you for life?

I mean, if they came out with it tomorrow, I’d go ahead and get it, but, jesus.

– I wouldn’t be able to change any of my behaviors, since I’d still be more likely than not to get it if exposed.
– You’ll have folks who don’t get vaccinated at all because “why bother with those stats?”
– It gets us nowhere near herd immunity.
– I think we’ll see an increase in reckless behavior because, “hey, vaccine!”
– And it would still require a robust system of test/track/trace…which we’ll only have a shot at if 45 is out of office.

So, 40% is better than 0% – but it’s just not good enough.

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