Hoo boy…

Nothing like a small bit of space away from “fucked up normal” to make you realize how close you were to losing your fucking mind. I mean, I really thought I was doing OK with the whole pandemic and it’s assorted shit, but HOLY SHIT did I need a change of scenery.

For reasons that I definitely need to figure out, I am able to disconnect a bit from the news here, and my brain is settled enough that I can actually sit and read a damn book, which I have not been able to do since mid-March. I finished Empire of Deception this morning – fast read and really fascinating – check it out. I’m on to one of Phillip Kerr’s Berlin Noir novels, The Lady from Zagreb, now.

It’s the second one of his books I’ve read and it’s a bit “the dame had legs that went all the way to the floor” – but it’s certainly enjoyable.

We had BBQ for dinner last night and I had leftover BBQ for lunch today and it was excellent. Tonight is shrimp & grits from a spot just down the road. :-D

I was a bit worried about the turtles as only two showed up Friday afternoon, but it was also blazing hot – this morning, easily 10 of them. You have to not just have treats for them, but talk to them, too. Give them the weather report for the day, the rundown of the headlines, ask how they’re doing – and they show up.

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