3 day workweek!!  Just finally occurred to me to look at the 10 day forecast for OBX.  Lots of thunderstorms.  DON’T CARE.  That’s why there are screened in and covered porches.

Had a ridiculously productive weekend around the house, even if I didn’t actually log on to work at all – I have gotten enough done that if it’s all late nights for the next 3 days, I won’t be turning myself inside out on Thursday getting ready to leave.  VERY pleased with myself on that front.

I’m just SO EXCITED to just go somewhere else.  OK, so, all takeaway food, and no leisurely browsing through the shops.  Fine, I can totally do that.  IT’S SOMEWHERE ELSE.  I think I’ve been handling the whole social distancing/living permanently in Phase 1 just fine, but as you all know – it gets old.  I’m not sure boring is quite the right word, but I do really need a change of scenery.

I’m also just really due for an extended period off work.  I’m not burned out or snippy or anything, but it’s just time for a break.

As for my other break I was looking forward to this summer – baseball – the Nationals have been utter shit with refunds.  Other teams started doing refunds months ago.  The Nats?  I can get a credit for my tickets now – but I can’t get a refund until AFTER the date the games would have been played.  In mid-August.  Utter shit, Nationals.  Utter.  Shit.

OK, off to test all the things like a madwoman.  Have an excellent week, y’all.

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