Who is 11 years old?



This shot is from the other day, she’s currently wedged between my feet in front of the space heater. (What? My feet are cold.) I couldn’t have asked for a better pandemic buddy. She’ll be getting tons of love and treats today. (So, a Wednesday.)

On the Covid front, we’re now in what I am calling Phase 2 1/2 here in Virginia – relaxations on capacity, but bars and places you can congregate in restaurants are still off limits. I’d said I’m just going to keep living life in Phase 2, but really, I’m still happily stuck in Phase 1 and will probably stay there until there is a vaccine. :/

Work is good, trying to get everything wrapped up before I leave is proving a touch challenging – it will get done, but I suspect there will be a few late nights – I keep finding things wrong with this last thing I’m testing – I’m sure the devs and designers are THRILLED with every email they’re getting from me – but hey, they wanted it tested thoroughly.

We’re getting booted early tomorrow for the holiday weekend, YAY, but ack, I didn’t put that into my scheduling, though it is standard procedure these days. Note to self: When you open the work laptop today, make sure the pre-holiday half day is factored into the rest of the year. Sure, I could just work later tomorrow, but who wants to do that? I’ll have a better idea of how tight things are going to be probably by mid-day today.

The thing I’ve found with testing, is that any given set of tests on a bug/feature go very fucking slow to start, and then it’s off to the races. I muck about figuring out the best way to test. Then do that in database 1, find problems, they get fixed, test again, repeat as needed. Then it’s on to database 2, which is far speedier, since my test plan is set, and theoretically I’ve found all the problems and they’re already fixed. (And in some cases, database 3 and 4 next and by the time I’m on the 4th one, I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed.)

But it will all get done – but will probably require more coffee than I have in my mug right now, so I’d best tend to that first.

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