I have to tell you about my boots…

The last pair of Timberland’s I had lasted me 8 years.  Then I couldn’t find the style again last year when I needed to replace them (other than a custom order) – so I got a pair of Steve Madden’s that didn’t even last 18 months before they were completely falling apart.  I refused to make that mistake again and went on the hunt.  Their website showed that my boots were back!!  I went to the outlet mall on the off chance their Timberland store had them.  No luck.  God help me, off to Tyson’s to the retail Timberland store.  They had them!  But not in my size.  About that time I wanted to just lay down on the floor and cry.  I just wanted good boots again.

But I was able to find out what my size was (it had long since rubbed off the old boots) and order online.  They arrived Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.04.43 PM

OK, they’re not the prettiest footwear on the planet.  But they are AWESOME.  Took less than a day to break them in, they’re comfortable as all get out and my feet have been warm and dry throughout the ridiculous weather.

Timberland, you keep making these boots and I will keep buying them.  Sorry there is going to be an 8 year gap in between purchases, but they’re that good.

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