What is the opposite of cabin fever?


Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure I have it and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It’s so nice to not have to go outside and shovel and I am happy to not go anywhere.

Maybe if I’d not been going outside damn near every 2 hours, I’d be itching to get out and go somewhere.  And I’ll be honest, usually when the first snowflakes fall, I have a sudden urge to take a road trip.

Not this time around.  Maybe it’s the sweatpants.  (That’s why I don’t wear them too often – it results in a spectacular lack of productivity.)

The only thing I messed up in snow prep was not getting birdseed.  However, we’ll have snowpack for a while and I think tomorrow it will be OK to go out to the store and not be in the way of clearing up in the rest of the neighborhood.  Sorry, birds – but better late than never?

For now though, I am happily becoming one with my couch.

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