Oh please, make it stop.

We’ve gotten at least 2 feet of snow.  It started yesterday around 12:45.  It hasn’t stopped since.  IT WON’T STOP SNOWING.

This is what the dog sees when he goes outside:

2016-01-23 19.39.15

And that was a few hours ago.  It’s at least 3 1/2 feet on either side at this point.

Between my brother and I, we’ve gone out shoveling 11 times in the past ~30 hours.  My neighbor with the snowblower came by this morning, which was wonderful.  Then this afternoon it was coming down at the rate of about 3″ per hour for a few hours, which was not wonderful.

I don’t have cabin fever.  I have “dammit why won’t it STOP?!” fever.  I need it to stop snowing so I can stop shoveling every 2 hours and do what you’re supposed to do in a snowstorm – sit around and eat too much.

It’s starting to taper off a little, and it’s supposed to be done by midnight.

It had better stop, cause I’m gonna lose it here soon.

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2 Responses to Oh please, make it stop.

  1. Peter says:

    All I can say is, Holy shit. Well, that, and, I can’t believe you got that much snow all at once.

    • A Dreamer says:

      About once every 5 to 8 years we get a storm like this. It’s just not often enough to justify getting a big honking 2 stage snowblower. Unless you’re my neighbor and I am so glad he got one anyway. (He even said it would be worth it if the purchase made it never snow again.)

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