An inch of snow and a mess…

Seems VDOT didn’t  pretreat the roads today.  (VDOT says it is because the treatment would freeze.  Others say it wasn’t cold enough for that to happen.)

So, traffic was just enough to melt the snow, but not to keep it melted.  Then it pretty much immediately turned to ice.

No pretreatment and no apparent staging of salt or sand trucks.

The main thoroughfare of my area (the road that gets everyone to the highway) didn’t get treated with salt until well after 10 PM.  (Closer to 11 by my estimates.)

The snow started around 6.

I know VDOT has got itself wrapped around the axle trying to get ready for the weekend, but tonight’s mess sure isn’t going to give folks much faith in their abilities to actually handle what Mother Nature has in store for us in a few days.

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