And now, we wait…

And hope that the storm takes a hard turn south.  (Sorry Richmond.)  We’ve gone from talking about “maybe a blizzard” to blizzard watch to blizzard warning.  They’re currently saying 33 hours of continuous snow starting around 5 tomorrow.  Oh joy.

We have enough food for a small army, including my brother’s contribution of Entenmann’s mini donuts.  (Seems the Cheese Filled Crumb Coffee Cake wasn’t enough…)  Basically we’re gonna gain 10 pounds each this weekend.

I had to run to the market to get more tomato sauce for chili.  There was a woman there with four young boys who were SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED ABOUT THE BLIZZARD.  Godspeed, sister – you’re going to have a very long weekend.

We have a gas hot water heater, so if the power goes out, we can run warm water in the taps so the pipes don’t freeze.  The rest of the power outage plan is to take all the patio cushions and pile them up on the floor of the laundry room and add all the blankets and have a campout.  Or camp-in, I guess.  (The last big storms we had, the power held – I hope that trend continues.)

My new boots arrived, and they are awesome.  (And that’s another post all on it’s own.)

All the electronics are charged or charging now.  Laptop, Kindle, iPad, iPod, phone, supplementary charger, solar lantern, and Coleman lantern are good to go.

I don’t even know how we’re going to keep up with the shoveling – it’s going to be too much to wait until it’s all done, but we’re going to have to sleep at some point.  (This is where I miss having a townhouse.  Only 10 feet of sidewalk to shovel.)

The dog is going to be so miserable.  The last time we had this much snow I had to clear a path all the way out to the leyland cypresses – they have enough of an overhang to have clear space underneath so he can go to the bathroom.  The downside is that it’s a good 30 feet from the door to the these trees.  I’m thinking more just “stomp out a path” rather than actually try to shovel it.

Even the LilyMonster can tell I’m not happy about this.  When I went to bed last night I said, “Lily, come and cuddle!”  She does not cuddle when I go to bed, I suspect because I move around too much.  Last night?  I had a sweet, purring, cuddle monster for a couple hours.

I just don’t want this much snow.  We can’t handle it, it takes way too long to get things back to anything resembling “functional” and it upsets the dog.

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