This is how I know I am an adult…

The word “blizzard” does not fill me with the slightest bit of joy.  As of this morning, the National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Watch for my area for the weekend.

I don’t hate snow – when it’s in reasonable amounts.  17 to 28 inches of snow is not reasonable.  Not at all.  Nope.

I am trying very hard to prevent the snow by overpreparing.  New snow shovel.  Ice melt.  New waterproof boots are on the truck being delivered today.  We have a house full of food.  I am getting Carmen’s meds and batteries for my lantern this afternoon.  I finally got my iPad to backup and I’m updating the OS and all the apps now.  I have candles.  (OK, they’re little Yankee Candle jars, but I have them.*)

I just do not want to deal with a blizzard.  Not now, not ever.  I really need to move farther south.

*You should really try the apple cider one.  It smells just like the hot cider from the Raleigh Tavern stand in Williamsburg.

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3 Responses to This is how I know I am an adult…

  1. Peter says:

    Oh come on now. Plenty of beverages of fav choice. Check. Batteries for the radio. Check. Powerpacks for the rechargables. Check. Full tank for the bbq. Check. Escape plan to warmer climes. Check. What’s the big deal?

  2. Peter says:

    Although – I hear rumors it’s going to be a barn-burner of a storm.

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