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Well, someone didn’t get the memo

I’d been saying how pleasantly surprised I was that Fairfax County PD had made itself rather small and invisible the past two weeks, rather than making things worse as many other departments had done. The chief even put out a … Continue reading

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And yes, the days are kinda meaningless and it’s not like I have any big weekend plans, but hey, FRIDAY! And we’ve gotten through 64 days of this shitshow! I forgot to call the cable company yesterday, and I’m in … Continue reading

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Why I am not on Neighborhood Watch…

Because I am not good at realizing there are crimes in progress… Last night at roughly 3:45 am, something woke me up. I am on call this weekend, so once I realized it was not the phone ringing, I decided … Continue reading

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Claude Moore Colonial Farm

So, I found out this week that the National Park Service wants to close down the farm But we may be able to stop it. The farm is a working 18th century farm.  It’s a great educational resource, and beyond … Continue reading

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An inch of snow and a mess…

Seems VDOT didn’t  pretreat the roads today.  (VDOT says it is because the treatment would freeze.  Others say it wasn’t cold enough for that to happen.) So, traffic was just enough to melt the snow, but not to keep it … Continue reading

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We really can’t function with snow here…

We’re getting some snow tonight – a warmup for the weekend I guess.  Not expecting more than an inch.  There might be a half inch out there now.  Got this from the county police: 28 crashes. Oh wait, an update! Make … Continue reading

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This is how I know I am an adult…

The word “blizzard” does not fill me with the slightest bit of joy.  As of this morning, the National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Watch for my area for the weekend. I don’t hate snow – when it’s in reasonable amounts. … Continue reading

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